Flotsam and Jetsam #87

    • Yet again, I’d like to thank all of you who have bought my book or received it as an upgrade incentive.  Once again I’ll say that the book has been more successful than I ever imagined.  So successful, in fact, that I’m going to work on another one along the same lines.   By that I mean that it will be a book focused on code and not the building of UI’s or other such applications.  Keep your eye on this space for more information.  And thanks again – I’ve really very grateful for all the support.
    • Blog Update: I’ve added Disqus as the default commenting system here.  Seems really popular and cool, and I love to be popular and cool.  However, it may have screwed up some of the early comments.   I’ve also added a barrage of share options on each post, so share away.
    • I hope you all can see this – it’s a Facebook link and I have no idea what their rules are – but this post led to an interesting conversation.  The link about MS tools that spawned the conversation is interesting as well.
    • Malcolm Groves does a great job explaining one of the more difficult things to understand in System.Threading.pas: IFuture<T>
    • I have thoroughly enjoyed having Castalia as a free part of my IDE as a promotion with Delphi XE7.  Good news – an update is coming.  And this new feature looks, well, amazing.

Flotsam and Jetsam #86

  • Delphi XE7 Update 1 is available.  Nice. The release notes have the link to where you can get it.
  • I’d like to thank the great staff at EKON 18 for a great conference and a great trip.  It was fun (despite the fact that I lost my phone and felt like a lost puppy without it).  The conference was interesting, and I got to see old friends like Ray Konopka, Cary Jensen and Loy Anderson, Marco Cantu, and Sebastian Gingter.  It was a great conference, and I was honored to be a speaker.  Thanks to everyone who came to my talks.
  • I also presented at another great CodeRage.  I talked on enumerators and IEnumerable<T> from the Delphi Spring Framework.   The replays are available online – or at least many of them are as they post them. I see that currently mine isn’t – I think that’s because I have to redo the Q&A portion.  Stay tuned.
  • Book Update:  An e-book version of Coding in Delphi is available to you free – all you have to do is activate the trial of XE7.  Good deal, eh?
  • Apparently Delphi had a small but important role in the ESA Rosetta Project – you know, that spacecraft that actually landed on a comet.  Pretty cool. 

Testing My New Code Formatter

I am using the Crayon Code Highlighter.  Let’s see how it works:

Looks pretty good I think.



Hello World from my new blog!

This is my new blog.  My goal for it is to keep the design simple and the content interesting.