Flotsam and Jetsam # 109

Flotsam and Jetsam #108

  • It’s Delphi Survey time.  You can take it here.  I can assure you from personal experience that the results of the survey have a big impact on the future direction of the product, so please take the time to fill it out as completely as possible.  I think it is only out for a limited time –until the 28th if my math is correct —  so do it right now.
  • I was stunned to discover that Visual Studio Code didn’t syntax highlight *.pas files.  Wow.  So here’s a couple of things.  First, vote here on UserVoice for this entry that asks for Object Pascal support.  At that link I found this link, which is an unofficial project to add support.  It seems to work – and I appreciate the effort from Wosi —  but I find it ridiculous that VS Code doesn’t support Pascal out of the box.
  • Looks like the next release of Delphi is just around the corner, as they are starting to talk about it with hints about new features. So far I’ve seen:
  • I attended the webinar about CodeSite and the Konopka Signature VCL controls and was very impressed.  I knew the basics of CodeSite, but never really knew its full power.  And I hadn’t looked at the VCL controls in a while, either.  As I’ve said, Ray has forgotten more about good UI design than I’ll ever know, and his controls reflect that.  A couple of things to note from the webinar and the Q&A:
    • Both CodeSite and the Konopka Signature controls will be sold as separate products and not ship as part of Delphi.  The limited-but-still-very-useful CodeSite Express will continue to ship with Delphi, RAD Studio, and C++Builder.
    • CodeSite also has a .Net version, so if you are doing Net development, you can use can use it there as well.  I like that Embarcadero is making a foray into the .Net world.  Maybe I’ll get really smart on CodeSite and give a CodeSite for .Net presentation at our next Philly code camp. 
    • It appears  that Ray will continue to work on both products, but that wasn’t 100% clear.
    • The fate of Ray’s cool Radiant Shapes for FireMonkey wasn’t made entirely clear, but it was hinted that more news was coming on that front. 
  • I’m a huge FinalBuilder fan, and the folks at VSoft have just released Version 8.  Sounds like a great release from a great product.

More Coding in Delphi

I hope most of you have heard by now, but my second book is out and it is called “More Coding in Delphi”.   It’s a book very similar in nature to my first book (Coding in Delphi, which is still very much for sale) in that it covers coding techniques for Delphi Developers. 

You can get the book for free if you own Delphi XE8.  If you don’t yet own Delphi XE8, I suggest you upgrade, get the great product, and then get both my and Marco’s new book as well – both for free.  It’s a win all around.   Sorry, but the only way to get the ebook is to be a Delphi XE8 owner.  Well, I shouldn’t say sorry; as I said – it’s a win for everyone to own XE8. 

If you want a paperback copy of More Coding in Delphi, you can buy it from CreateSpace.  You can also buy it on Amazon, but you’ll be doing me a favor if you buy it from CreateSpace – my royalty is markedly bigger there.   CreateSpace is owned by Amazon if that makes a difference, and you’ll get the exact same book either way.

Here’s the Table of Contents of the main body of the book:

  • Six Things Before We Start
  • Writing SOLID Code
  • Patterns
    • Factory Pattern
    • Observer Pattern
    • Adapter Pattern
    • Decorator Pattern
    • Command Pattern
  • Operator Overloading
  • Multi-Threading and Parallelism Overview
  • Using TThread
    • The Parallel Programming Library
    • Parallel For Loops
  • Interception and Aspect-oriented Programming
  • A History and Review of TSmiley

In addition, here are also Appendices about Duck Typing and “Things Nick Does When He Codes”. 

More Coding in Delphi was a lot of work, but well worth it. It’s quite satisfying to complete a book. 

I hope you like it. 

Flotsam and Jetsam #107

  • David Millington of Parnassus Software – author of the great and free Bookmarks plugin —  has released a new commercial IDE plugin called Navigator.  Looks pretty sweet.
  • The book is this close to being done.  I just have to get it past the folks at CreateSpace.  Actually, the writing and editing is all done, it’s just the publishing part that is ongoing.  You can find out more at http://www.leanpub.com/morecodingindelphi.
  • Lots of interesting things happening at Embarcadero.  Here are my comments on the various events:
    • Embarcadero acquires assets of Raize Components – I really like this.  First, I love Codesite.  It’s a great tool for debugging.  Many folks don’t realize that you can even use it to remotely instrument your application.  Ray Konopka is a fantastic, meticulous developer who has forgotten more about UI design than I’ll ever know.  Interestingly, both products are being sold as separate products, and not integrated into Delphi/RAD Studio.  Perhaps we’ll still see a “lite” version in Delphi.
    • Embarcadero unveils BeaconFence –- Now this is really cool.  Beacons are growing in popularity, and you can do some really cool things with them.  BeaconFence allows you to use beacons in some very cool ways.  Imagine  you are a warehouse, and you have a whole bunch of robots carrying product around to people who ship things (Cough, Amazon, cough).  BeaconFence would allow you to know the location of everyone of those robots down to the inch.  Or imagine you are a zoo – you could build an app that guests could download and run that would help them navigate around, find exhibits, and generally know where everyone is at any given moment – perhaps offering a discount as the guest walks buy the sno-cone vendor.  This is some cool stuff, folks.
    • CodeRage X is coming up on October 13-15.  You can sign up here and you can submit your presentation ideas here.
  • EKON 19 is coming on November 2-4.  I’m going to try to be there.  Always a good event.
  • I’m going to be giving a Skill Sprint on Dependency Injection on August 18th during the new series of Developer Skill Sprints.  You won’t want to miss it. Sign up today.