Delphius and Basicus Find a Wall

Delphius and Basicus were walking down a path.  Delphius was a wise software developer with many years of experience.  Basicus, Delphius’ student, had some experience as well, but lacked wisdom and often made foolish errors.

As the two were walking, they came upon a wall blocking the path.  The wall was made of stone and was not high – it could be easily climbed over — and not wide, the brush on either side could be easily walked through.

“What a stupid place for a wall!” exclaimed Basicus.

Delphius considered the wall. 

“Clearly someone put this wall here on purpose,” he said.

Basicus scowled.  “Why would anyone be so dumb as to put a wall in the middle of a path?”

“At the moment I do not know,” replied Delphius.

“I say tear it down!” Basicus cried out.

“One must be very sure about tearing down a wall so carefully constructed,” replied Delphius.  He walked around the wall, through the brush, and on to the path on the other side.

Basicus reluctantly followed.

Delphi Developer Days Agenda

Hey, I’m pretty psyched to do Delphi Developer Days this year.  I always love to travel, and I always love to talk about Delphi, and getting to do both at the same time is pretty great. 

If you haven’t heard, our agenda is out.  We have a general schedule and a description of the presentations.

We’ll be presenting in:

Cary and I will be doing some of the presentations together, and we’ll also break out for separate sessions.  I’m going to be talking about Patterns in Delphi, Unit Testing, and Advanced Language Features.  We’ll also be covering the Debugger, Parallel Programming, and many other interesting topics.

In addition, Marco Cantu will be giving the keynote via Skype and will be available for questions. 

Sign up now as space is limited at each venue. You can also get the early-bird special if you sign up today.   I’d love to see you there.