Flotsam and Jetsam #119

  • Hey, we have a hotfix available for RAD Studio.  It can be found on Code Central.  It focuses on some issues in the tool chain.  Given that it’s a hotfix, it only replaces a few choice files and doesn’t require an uninstall/reinstall process.
  • Thanks to everyone who filled out the RAD Studio survey.  We had a very good response, and we’ll pour over the results and make decisions based on what we learn from there.  Thanks.
  • If you are an InterBase customer,  the InterBase 2017 survey is out and available. This is your chance to have your voice be heard on the InterBase front. 
  • Jason Southwell is at it again. This time he has an interesting framework called ConinAsync that makes parallel programming with data structures really easy.  Give it a look.
  • A lot of folks have been asking when my new book, Dependency Injection in Delphi, will be available in physical form.  Well, it’s available now on Amazon.  I’m grateful to all of you who buy my books.

Flotsam and Jetsam #118

  • Delphi for Linux is soon to be here.  We’ve unleashed the Beta Bloggers, so keep an eye out for more information coming from any number of sources.
  • Thanks to all of you who have bought my new book, Dependency Injection in Delphi.  I’m grateful for all the support.  My wife is working on the cover for the paperback edition, and it should be available soon.
  • I’ve had a job change – I’m moving from being the Director of Product Management to the Director of Engineering.  Instead of managing the Product itself, I’ll be managing the actual development process for all the Embarcadero products, as well a couple of other Idera tools.  It’s a bit of a switch, but one I’m looking forward to.  Managing the development process is no small task, but I feel up to the challenge.
  • I’ve always said that if I could teach new developers one thing, it would be to “program to an abstraction, not to an implementation”.  I was at a great talk on Code Reviews by Travis Laborde at a recent Philly Code Camp, and he said that that most important thing to teach a new developer was the Single Responsibility Principle.  I thought that was a worthy competitor.  What do you think is the most important thing to teach to a new developer?

Flotsam and Jetsam #117

  • I can’t seem to find a WordPress theme that I like.  Look for the theme to change a bunch while I play around with different ones. 

  • I’ve started a new blog over on the Embarcadero Community site.  It will be for more “official” stuff that I post about.  You can follow me there as well as here.  Don’t worry, as you can see, Flotsam and Jetsam is still alive and well.
  • Delphi Developer Days is rapidly approaching – and I have a lot of work to do.  There are still a few seats available for Chicago, Baltimore, and Frankfurt.  It’s not too late – we’d love to see you there.  Cary Jensen and I will be doing a session live from our Chicago event at CodeRage XI. 

  • Speaking of CodeRage, it is also not too late to submit a paper to CodeRage XI.  CodeRage is always a great time, and the perfect opportunity to share with people what you are working on and what you know.  The talks are pre-recorded, so, it’s a perfect venue for that developer who has never presented at a conference, but wants to give it a try.   I encourage you to submit a talk even if you are just thinking about it.  What could go wrong? Nothing, that’s what. Smile
  • I’ve posted twice now on RAD Server – once here and also with my first post on my new blog at the community site.  I’d really like you to give it a look.  I really think it can solve the problem that many of you are having: How to modernize your codebase.  It really can do that.
  • Berlin Update 2 – Anniversary Edition is coming soon.  There’s a webinar about it on Thursday if you’d like to attend one of the two time slots. This update represents our new approach to releasing software.  Fewer major feature releases and more smaller, focused feature releases.  Unlike previous updates, Update 2 – Anniversary Edition contains new features.  It represents our commitment to making your Update Subscription an ongoing and valuable asset.

Flotsam and Jetsam #116

  • The Starter Version of Delphi is currently 100% off.  I.e.  Free as in beer.
  • The proper use of comments is to compensate for our failure to express ourselves in code.” – Uncle Bob Martin
  • I continue working hard on my materials for Delphi Developer Days.  If you haven’t signed up yet, do it.  I’m really looking forward to seeing you all there.
  • I’m really looking forward to attending TechBash 2016 at the end of the month here in the Poconos in Pennsylvania.  Not only will there be a great lineup of speakers and a great venue, there will be some old friends there that I’m looking forward to seeing again.  It’s nice to have a world-class event like this so close to where I live – it’s so close that I’m driving, as well as taking advantage of the water park.  🙂
  • And while we are on the topic of conferences, I’ll be at Philly CodeCamp this year as well, on October 21-22.  It’s at the Microsoft Malvern office.  Friday is a pay-for-it all day session, where Saturday is hour long talks and is totally free.  If you are in the area, you should go.  It’s always been very good, and they give away a lot of prizes.
  • The new book is drawing closer.  I know I keep saying that, but I only so because it is true.  It will finish sooner rather than later.  As always, you can sign up to  be kept abreast of things.

Flotsam and Jetsam #115

  • I put up a poll on Google Plus asking what the greatest all time Delphi freeware/open source plugin/framework was.  Thought you might like to vote.
  • Work continues apace as we continue to prepare for Delphi Developer Days.  I’m happy to say that there will be six folks attending in Baltimore from my employer, Gateway Ticketing.  I’m really looking forward to seeing so many Delphi developers from all over the world.  Sign up today if you haven’t already.
  • Remember, the price for the Coding in Delphi Bundle remains at the low price of $54.99 (You can pay more if you want. <g>).   That’s a savings of just over $25 when buying both individually.  Thanks to everyone who has bought the bundle already.
  • Jason Southwell is a friend of mine and a fine contributor to the Delphi community.  His company, Ideal Software, is looking for a Senior Developer.  Sounds like a good opportunity to me.
  • Shameless Plug:  My wife is an artist and writer.  She has a fun coloring book designed for all ages called “Color the Cats”.  Give it a look.
  • My latest book, Dependency Injection in Delphi, is still in the works.  I know I said that a while ago, but it always takes 90% of the time to finish the last 10%, right?

Flotsam and Jetsam #114

  • Signups are open for Delphi Developer Days.  Remember, the “Very Early Bird” special price ends on August 12, so start planning now.  I love presenting and hanging out with Delphi developers, so I hope you’ll be at one of the events.  Should be a very fun time all around.  And of course, if your company wants to help sponsor the event, then please be sure to contact Cary via the website.
  • RAD Server is the latest “official” product at Embarcadero.  (It previously was known as the Enterprise Management Server and was a feature of high end Delphi SKU’s).  This is a cool tool.  It’s basically an “AppServer” to Delphi as AppServers are to Java Enterprise Beans (or at least as I understand it).  It in effect makes it pathetically easy to build REST APIs.  Microservices are all the rage, and so this is a well-timed release.  I’m definitely going to investigate it.
  • Book Update:  You can find out the basics of my new book here. You can also sign up to get email updates, and help me price it by letting me know what you’d be willing to pay.  Currently the book is being proof-read and is under technical review.  I can’t say for sure when it will be available, but it’s definitely in the “The last 10% takes 90% of the time” stage.  I just realized that I hadn’t covered attributes enough, so I’m going to have to add a section on that. 
  • I simply cannot say enough good things about CodeInsightPlus.  Here’s the one thing I will say. If you value your time even slightly, get it and install it now.
  • This blog post by Marco started an interesting discussion.  For what it’s worth, I stand on the side of proper encapsulation, after having originally been on the other side of the argument.

Flotsam and Jetsam #113

  • I’d like to offer my public and profuse thanks to the Danish Delphi Developers group – and most notably MVP Jens Fudge and his family – for their wonderful hospitality while I was in Denmark presenting at the DAPUG group.  I talked for two days and had a great time.  They were also kind enough to allow me to bring my 13 year old daughter along, who had a great time and a great experience.  It was my third trip there and it’s always a very, very pleasant and enjoyable time.  (Hidden secret of the conference:  The hotel is magnificent and the food – oh, the food!  — is incredible.)  Anyway, thanks very much to all involved, and again, to Jens for his always superior kindness and hospitality. 
  • I seriously think that most people don’t understand Markdown.  Markdown is supposed to be human readable and human writable.  You aren’t supposed to need a special tool to use it.  It’s so simple that you should be able to deal with it just fine in Notepad.
  • I was honored to be the MVP of the Week this week.  The best part was a chance to chat with my good friend Jim McKeeth on the Delphi Podcast.  I don’t think it is posted yet, but I’ll publish the link when it is. I appreciate all the kind words.
  • Baoquan Zuo has released a fantastic new IDE tool – CodeInsightPlus.  This thing is pure gold.  Go out and get it right now. My typing speed easily doubled with this thing, even over regular Code Insight.  My favorite feature is when you have a class named “TWidgetDatabaseProcessor” and you type “twdp” and then hit enter and it finds it and completes it.  And that just touches the surface of what it will do.  Seriously, this is really cool.   When you add this to the stuff coming from Parnassus, Source Oddity, and others, it’s a great time for the Delphi IDE. 
  • In a related matter, Delphi developer David Hoyle has released a very nice and very useful book on the IDE’s Open Tools API (OTAPI).   The best part it is actually a free PDF download.  Well worth a look.  (And David, if you want to actually publish and sell this marvelous book, please let me know. I can make that happen.)
  • Not that anyone probably cares, and not to be too much of a martyr, but I’ve quit the Delphi non-tech group.  It was just getting so tiring, and I didn’t like how it kind of made me obnoxious. I fully confess I was addicted to reading and posting there.  I decided it wasn’t a productive use of my time, and won’t be posting there anymore.  Like I said, maybe no one cares, maybe people are happy.  All I know is my blood pressure is reduced.  😉  If you want to find me, I’m active on the Delphi Developers Google Plus community.
  • Does anyone know what the hell this “Delphi Parser” thing is? Are you getting emails on it? They’ve been sending me advertising emails, and I don’t have any idea who they are or what they do.  I do know they win the prize for “The Most Expensive Delphi Tool of All Time.”  Am I missing something?
  • Have you donated to your favorite productivity tool lately?  I just made a humble donation to Test Insight.  I really like it, and so I donated.  I encourage you to do the same for your favorite tool or framework, whether it be for a Delphi tool or framework, or a general utility, or whatever.  If we all started making donations – even small ones – to those folks who make our developing and computing experiences better, well, I think that would be a good thing. Go on, do it right now.

Flotsam and Jetsam #112

  • Been a while, eh? 
  • Obviously the biggest news to cover is the Idera acquisition.  By now I’m sure you all are aware that Idera Software has acquired Embarcadero. (It always seems strange to me when a smaller company bys a bigger one, but never mind….)  They’ve done an interesting thing.  They’ve taken the Embarcadero database tools (what we used to call “DataGear”) and incorporated them into Idera’s software brand.  Then, they’ve left RAD Studio and Interbase under the Embarcadero banner as a separate entity.  I don’t know what the accounting setup is, but it does seem like a separate company altogether.  Neither website mentions the other.  Embarcadero put out a press release stating that they are exclusively focused on development tools, which I really liked to see.  It does seem like Idera wanted the “DataGear” stuff and have now set up “CodeGear” as a separate entity.  What that means I don’t know. But here’s to continued success under the new management.
  • Along those lines, I did have a conversation with Atanas Popov, General Manager for Embarcadero. He was quite confident in things going well as they execute on the roadmap.  He’s actually quite open and accessible – he publishes his email: atanas.popov@idera.com  Don’t be afraid to get in touch with him if you have any questions or issues about the path forward.
  • I can’t vouch for the book, but you can get Delphi Succinctly for free.
  • I will be presenting two days of material at the Danish Delphi User Group at the end of April.  I’m really looking forward to it, not only for the excellent conference, but also because my youngest will be making the trip with me.  I’ve talked at this conference twice before, and it’s always been fun.  If you are in thearea and want to excellent Delphi content (if I do say so myself), then you should attend.
  • My books continue to sell, and I’m very grateful to each and everyone of you that have made a purchase.  If you still want to buy, supplies are unlimited, but don’t let that stop you!  You can buy both books in paper copy, both on  electronic copy from LeanPub, and if you are really excited, you can buy them both as an electronic bundle for a $15 savings.  Again, you have my thanks and gratitude for your purchases.  The books have been way more successful than I ever hoped.
  • The bummer news is, of course, the departure of Allen Bauer from Embarcadero. Allen is a great friend, and I wish him well on his new endeavors at Google. He was with the Delphi team from the very beginnning.  His loss is a blow to the product.  But the team isn’t just one guy, so here’s to others stepping up to fill the void. 
  • Link of the Week:  Giving up on TDD by Uncle Bob.  Apparently a guy named Ian Sommerville “gave up” on TDD, and Uncle Bob refutes his argument. Uncle Bob doesn’t pull his punches.  Good stuff.
  • Flotsam and Jetsam #111

    • My friends David Millington and Roman Yankovsky have teamed up to offer a Christmas time special.  You can buy both of their tools for the price of Fix Insight.  What are those tools?  Well, David’s tool is Navigator – a powerful, easy to use way to navigate your code.  Roman’s tool is Fix Insight – a static code analysis tool.  Right now, you can get both for the price of Fix Insight – that’s a $40 in savings.  I can vouch for both tools as being very useful and of high quality.  Don’t miss this good chance to get two excellent tools at a low price.  (While you are at David’s website, be sure to download the excellent and free Bookmarks plugin. And did you know that he has some open source items available as well?)
    • ‘Tis the season for Delphi updates.  Of course, Delphi 10 Seattle Update 1 is out.  It even includes a few new features.  It is available for all people on Update Subscription.  (For those of you complaining about this, I hate to say it, but you were given plenty of warning and opportunities to get on board.)  Dr. Bob reports on two hot fixes that are also available.
    • It looks like I’m going to be speaking in Denmark in April at DAPUG’s annual conference.  I have spoken twice before, and have always enjoyed my trips there, and the fine hospitality provided by Jens Fudge and his family.  I’m looking forward to speaking there again.  Not 100% sure what the topics will be yet, but I promise it will be interesting.
    • I had a great time at EKON 19 – you should attend next year no matter where you are in the world – and the thing I enjoyed the most was my three hour seminar on Dependency Injection.  I covered Dependency Injection in Coding in Delphi,  but things have changed in the mean time, and there have been additions to the Spring for Delphi framework that make things even more powerful and capable.  So much so, in fact, that I’ve decided to write a book entitled Dependency Injection in Delphi. It will very likely be shorter than my other two books, and I think to start I’ll sell it as an ebook only (MOBI, ePub, and PDF) on Leanpub.  It will, however, go into Dependency Injection much more in depth than my two chapters in Coding in Delphi.   In any event, you can follow this link and sign up for updates about  the book and let me know how much you think I should charge for it.  There’s absolutely no time table on this – as you saw above, I have a lot of preparation to do for DAPUG – but I will be working on it.  I’ll go with “it will be available later this year”.  Again, I’m humbled and grateful by all the people who have bought my books.  

    Flotsam and Jetsam #110

    • I am doing two Embarcadero Partner Spotlights in the coming weeks.  Both will be 15-20 minute videos about chapters in my book.  The first will be on the Command Pattern, and the second will be on Aspect-oriented Programming.  You can sign up here.  There are some other good partner spotlights coming up as well, including Parnassus (which I talk about below.)  You can also watch all the past Partner Spotlights on YouTube.
    • I’ll be speaking at EKON 19 this year.  Topics include Operator Overloading, Parallel Programming, and a three hour tutorial on Dependency Injection.  I always have a great time at this event, and I always learn a lot.  Marco Cantu and Cary Jensen will be there.  I’d recommend attending – and you get early bird pricing before 01 October.
    • I’ll tell you what, the advertising team at Embarcadero is playing at the top of their game.  I can’t go anywhere on the web without seeing an ad for Delphi 10 Seattle.  Google ads is working quite nicely for them.  If you are a Delphi developer and use Google for searching, you have no excuse not to know DX Seattle exists.
    • I’m a big user and fan of Parnassus Bookmarks, and they have released a version for DX Seattle.  Highly recommended.  And I look forward to seeing what they have in store in the future.  David Millington is a great developer, and I expect some cool stuff in the IDE Plugin department from him.  You should also check out his Navigator tool.
    • The Embarcadero newsgroups are back up and running on new hardware and a new backend.  They’ve been reliable and speedy for about two weeks or so, now, so hopefully they will stay that way.  I think the “catch” is that you have to use SSL to connect.  But in any event, if you are still into using the newsgroups, they seem solidly back up now.

    Flotsam and Jetsam # 109

    Flotsam and Jetsam #108

    • It’s Delphi Survey time.  You can take it here.  I can assure you from personal experience that the results of the survey have a big impact on the future direction of the product, so please take the time to fill it out as completely as possible.  I think it is only out for a limited time –until the 28th if my math is correct —  so do it right now.
    • I was stunned to discover that Visual Studio Code didn’t syntax highlight *.pas files.  Wow.  So here’s a couple of things.  First, vote here on UserVoice for this entry that asks for Object Pascal support.  At that link I found this link, which is an unofficial project to add support.  It seems to work – and I appreciate the effort from Wosi —  but I find it ridiculous that VS Code doesn’t support Pascal out of the box.
    • Looks like the next release of Delphi is just around the corner, as they are starting to talk about it with hints about new features. So far I’ve seen:
    • I attended the webinar about CodeSite and the Konopka Signature VCL controls and was very impressed.  I knew the basics of CodeSite, but never really knew its full power.  And I hadn’t looked at the VCL controls in a while, either.  As I’ve said, Ray has forgotten more about good UI design than I’ll ever know, and his controls reflect that.  A couple of things to note from the webinar and the Q&A:
      • Both CodeSite and the Konopka Signature controls will be sold as separate products and not ship as part of Delphi.  The limited-but-still-very-useful CodeSite Express will continue to ship with Delphi, RAD Studio, and C++Builder.
      • CodeSite also has a .Net version, so if you are doing Net development, you can use can use it there as well.  I like that Embarcadero is making a foray into the .Net world.  Maybe I’ll get really smart on CodeSite and give a CodeSite for .Net presentation at our next Philly code camp. 
      • It appears  that Ray will continue to work on both products, but that wasn’t 100% clear.
      • The fate of Ray’s cool Radiant Shapes for FireMonkey wasn’t made entirely clear, but it was hinted that more news was coming on that front. 
    • I’m a huge FinalBuilder fan, and the folks at VSoft have just released Version 8.  Sounds like a great release from a great product.

    Flotsam and Jetsam #107

    • David Millington of Parnassus Software – author of the great and free Bookmarks plugin —  has released a new commercial IDE plugin called Navigator.  Looks pretty sweet.
    • The book is this close to being done.  I just have to get it past the folks at CreateSpace.  Actually, the writing and editing is all done, it’s just the publishing part that is ongoing.  You can find out more at http://www.leanpub.com/morecodingindelphi.
    • Lots of interesting things happening at Embarcadero.  Here are my comments on the various events:
      • Embarcadero acquires assets of Raize Components – I really like this.  First, I love Codesite.  It’s a great tool for debugging.  Many folks don’t realize that you can even use it to remotely instrument your application.  Ray Konopka is a fantastic, meticulous developer who has forgotten more about UI design than I’ll ever know.  Interestingly, both products are being sold as separate products, and not integrated into Delphi/RAD Studio.  Perhaps we’ll still see a “lite” version in Delphi.
      • Embarcadero unveils BeaconFence –- Now this is really cool.  Beacons are growing in popularity, and you can do some really cool things with them.  BeaconFence allows you to use beacons in some very cool ways.  Imagine  you are a warehouse, and you have a whole bunch of robots carrying product around to people who ship things (Cough, Amazon, cough).  BeaconFence would allow you to know the location of everyone of those robots down to the inch.  Or imagine you are a zoo – you could build an app that guests could download and run that would help them navigate around, find exhibits, and generally know where everyone is at any given moment – perhaps offering a discount as the guest walks buy the sno-cone vendor.  This is some cool stuff, folks.
      • CodeRage X is coming up on October 13-15.  You can sign up here and you can submit your presentation ideas here.
    • EKON 19 is coming on November 2-4.  I’m going to try to be there.  Always a good event.
    • I’m going to be giving a Skill Sprint on Dependency Injection on August 18th during the new series of Developer Skill Sprints.  You won’t want to miss it. Sign up today.

    Flotsam and Jetsam #106

    • Number 10 with a bullet!
    • As you may have noticed on my LinkedIn Profile, I am once again an employee at Gateway Ticketing.  This time around, I am a Senior Software Developer, meaning I am full-time Delphi Developer.  I’m delighted to be back in the new beautiful building that Gateway has built.  I’m also pleased to have shaved an hour off of my commute each way.  I enjoyed my time at Veeva Systems, but the prospect of returning to Gateway and reducing my commute was just too much to resist.
    • Why did Borland fail?  Danny Thorpe gave an answer on Quora, and it is being discussed on Hacker News.
    • The inestimable Julian Bucknall has released is well-known EZDSL data structure library at GitHub.  Thanks, Julian!
    • Book Update:  As many of you know, I’m working on a new book called, naturally, “More Coding in Delphi” and I thought I’d give you an update on it.  The whole book is written, and it’s going to be a little longer than “Coding in Delphi”.  It’s now in that really hard stage where you have to read it and read it and update it and change the demos and fix things and do all the millions of little things that it takes to finish things up.  In other words it’s in the “The last 20% takes 80% of the time” mode.  But don’t worry, as I type this I’m sitting at Burger King getting ready to plow into things and “git ‘er done”. 

    Flotsam and Jetsam #105

    Flotsam and Jetsam #104

    • Stefan chastises me for making another one of my pronouncements on “evil” programming techniques.  I admit to a bit of hyperbole, but it’s not without a point.  The argument against my pronouncements is that the wise and judicious use of these so-called “evil” features or techniques is good.  I don’t agree.  I think that if a “feature” has the ability to be *easily* abused, then it should be avoided.  For instance, some make the argument that there places where the with statement makes sense.  Well, my counter argument to that is if you allow the with statement in a few places, it’s very easy to use it in just a few more places, and then the next thing you know, your code is full of with statements.  It’s a slippery slope that you should never start down.  The same is true for nested procedures.  Sure, there might be places where they “make sense”, but if you allow them in one place, what is to stop a junior programmer from getting the wrong idea and go crazy with them?  This is especially true for features that simply need not be used at all – such as with and nested procedures.  You can write beautiful code without them, so why risk sliding down the slope?  Better to ban their use altogether.  (Cue the “Then why don’t we all just use assembler” comments in 3..2…1….)
    • I’m a big user and proponent of the Spring for Delphi framework. If you are, too, then you might consider donating to the project.  The website now has a PayPal donate button.
    • I recommend that you give a very careful read to Marco’s post about what was going on at the Microsoft BUILD conference last week.  Lots of interesting stuff there for us Delphi developers, both in the Windows and cross-platform realms.
    • Torry.net is for sale.  Hat tip to Olaf Hess in the non-tech group for this piece of information.

    Flotsam and Jetsam #103

    Flotsam and Jetsam #102

    • Wallace and Gromit run on Delphi.
    •  I of course want you to buy my book, but I have been doing research for my next book and am thus reading sections of Delphi XE2 Foundations.  I can’t recommend this book enough.  It’s a tour de force for Delphi and the RTL.  I know how hard it is to write a book, and I can’t imagine how much work this one took.  It’s excellent, and I highly recommend it (after you buy my book, of course….).  Don’t be put off by “XE2” in the title, this is a great book for all Delphi developers.  Kudos to Chris Rolliston.
    • I’ve never really gotten into Quora, but it seems like a pretty cool site which has somehow managed to produce quality questions and answers without all the spam and other nonsense that often attends such a site.  Here’s a Quora question about Delphi that many of you might like to answer and/or read about.
    • Yesterday, I tweeted the following:  “Of all the types of reviews out there, the  ‘I couldn’t understand it so it must really suck, 1 star’ reviews are my favorite.” In researching my book, I’ve been re-reading Dependency Injection in .NET
      by Mark Seemann.  I looked up the book on Amazon, and was astonished to find that someone had given this amazing and enlightening book a 1-star review.  Some people, I swear.  This review is more along the lines of what the book deserves.
    • Correction:  Apparently, it was Borland C++ 3.0 that was the big box with the handle.  Thanks for the correction from Jeroen Pluimers, who also found a picture. (You have to scroll down a bit, but it’s there…)
    • A Clarification:  Two points to make on my last post about subscriptions.  First, it wasn’t about EMBT, but rather the software industry in general. Second, the point wasn’t “Software subscriptions are great!”, but rather “The industry is moving to subscriptions, and here’s why”.  Many folks seemed to believe I was arguing the former.  Perhaps I was just inarticulate.  Sorry for any confusion.

    Flotsam and Jetsam #101

    Flotsam and Jetsam #100

    • Well, here we are; one hundred Flotsam and Jetsam’s.  I started this series just after I left Embarcadero. Here’s a link to the very first one on July 17, 2010.  Short and sweet it was.  Took almost five years to get here to one hundred.  Thanks for hanging with me.  Here’s to another 100, eh?
    • Delphi XE8 is out. The main feature appears to be the Apple-mandated 64-bit iOS support.  It has Castalia integration as well as an interesting new tool called “GetIt” that will install a various – and presumably expanding – list of third party component sets and frameworks.  That’s pretty nice.  The Data Sheet can be found here and the Feature Matrix is here.  Give it a look.  “Support and Maintenance” is now called “Update Subscription”  which has the following interesting text in it:  “…on-going maintenance on previous versions for up to 2 years from release..”   That sounds intriguing. There is also a tool to migrate your settings  from previous versions.  I know I’ll be using that. Here’s the list of new things in XE8 – it’s pretty long.
    • SD Tmes has a review of RAD Studio XE8.  Lots of talk about IoT – “The Internet of Things’”.  And here’s the article from The Register.  My favorite quote from that article: “I ran up the RAD Studio XE8 IDE and one obvious benefit is the speed and responsiveness of the IDE compared to Visual Studio.
    • For some reason, VCL developers always seem to feel slighted by recent releases.  No reason to feel that way, though:  Marco has a nice list of things for VCL developers in XE8. I especially like the improved TField performance.