Complete Martin Harvey’s Multithreading Article Online

Threading in Delphi, or in any other tool for that matter, is difficult.  There are a lot of good resources out there for Delphi developers, but perhaps none better than Martin Harvey’s “Multi-threading: The Delphi Way”.  There is a copy of it here — – but sadly it doesn’t include the graphics and the code. 

Well, I was working on the TThread chapter for my new book, and guess what I happened across on my hard drive?  The entire copy of Harvey’s work, including the graphics and the code samples.  I have no idea how I came to have it, but I do.  I thought it would be worth posting in its entirety, so I did:

It’s all there – graphics, code samples, and text.  I hope I’m not violating any intellectual property rights in posting it.  I certainly am grateful to Mr. Harvey for his work.  If I am doing wrong here, please let me know and I’ll take it down. I’d hate to have to do that, though. 

Otherwise, there it is as a valuable resource for the Delphi community.  I hope it is helpful to someone.

  • David Millington

    I think I have a copy lying around somewhere too! Good to see it online again. Old, and some parts / advice are outdated and missing important things (there’s no discussion of Windows events? Only MREWS, which is something to avoid) but overall remarkably good still for its age.

    Thanks for putting it up.

  • Silver Warior

    I also have a copy of this on my old laptop.

  • HeartWare

    Links to the source files in the final chapter aren’t working (perhaps your web server isn’t set up to allow linking to .dpr and/or .pas files). I have made an ePub file of the tutorial. It can be downloaded here:

    I’ll update it, once the .dpr and .pas files are made downloadable…

    • The files now download when clicked on. Do people want that, or do they want the file displayed?

    • They should be downloadable now.