Flotsam and Jetsam #115

  • I put up a poll on Google Plus asking what the greatest all time Delphi freeware/open source plugin/framework was.  Thought you might like to vote.
  • Work continues apace as we continue to prepare for Delphi Developer Days.  I’m happy to say that there will be six folks attending in Baltimore from my employer, Gateway Ticketing.  I’m really looking forward to seeing so many Delphi developers from all over the world.  Sign up today if you haven’t already.
  • Remember, the price for the Coding in Delphi Bundle remains at the low price of $54.99 (You can pay more if you want. <g>).   That’s a savings of just over $25 when buying both individually.  Thanks to everyone who has bought the bundle already.
  • Jason Southwell is a friend of mine and a fine contributor to the Delphi community.  His company, Ideal Software, is looking for a Senior Developer.  Sounds like a good opportunity to me.
  • Shameless Plug:  My wife is an artist and writer.  She has a fun coloring book designed for all ages called “Color the Cats”.  Give it a look.
  • My latest book, Dependency Injection in Delphi, is still in the works.  I know I said that a while ago, but it always takes 90% of the time to finish the last 10%, right?
  • Gordon Niessen

    You might want to spell check that last paragraph. I am looking forward to the new book “Dependency Injection in Delphi”. Hopefully also available in an ebook format rather than just PDF.

  • Neal Campbell

    It would be great to combine the Spring-related topics from the first two books with the DI part of the 3rd book and create a ‘Spring for the Young and Restless’ edition!

  • jgmitzen

    Aww, now I want a “Color the Delphi Developers” coloring book. It could feature “Marco Toucan”, “Nick Hedgehog”, “Niklaus Worm”, and a giant talking tooth named “Rudy”. Also a bovine named “Turbo Pascow” who adds a “T” to the beginning of every other word. The first page of the book would simply read “Begin”, and the last page would read “End”. Nick, you and your wife must make this happen.