Flotsam and Jetsam #90

  • I mentioned this video before, but it is so good I’m going to mention it again:  Parallel Programming Library: Create Responsive Object Pascal Apps.   Danny’s blog is in Dutch, but he has an English entry that includes the source code to his session.
  • Something I’m surprised by:  The number of questions on the Delphi StackOverflow tag that deal with integrating with Excel.  Also, tons of Indy questions.
  • This is interesting: Jon Aasenden is creating DelphiArmy – a real, no kidding jobsite for Delphi developers.  I’ll be interested to see how that goes.  It appears to be alive and running, so make an entry if you need to.
  • I’ve mentioned free this tool before, but its usefulness is so awesome that I wanted to point it out again.  It’s called “Everything”, and it allows you to search for any file by name on your entire system.  It’s lightening fast, and I use it probably twenty times a day to find things I’m looking for.  It’s one of the first things I install on a new system.  Truly outstanding and amazingly useful.  Highly recommended. 
  • While I’m at this “mentioning before” thing, I’ll give a strong endorsement to the Delphi-built Clipmate. Again, I use this thing about 25 times a day.  It’s a clipboard cache that remembers what you’ve put on the clipboard.  It’s not free – but it’s well worth the price.  Saved my butt a thousand times, too, when I overwrite something on the clipboard that I didn’t want to. 
  • Iman

    ditto (http://ditto-cp.sourceforge.net/) is a great clipboard manager. You can send clips to other machines. I just wish there was a IOS client for it.

  • Rick

    The DelphiArmy sight has a listing for a catering manager? Something must be wrong there.
    There use to be some Excel automation components that made it easy to use Excel with Delphi. I wonder if they are still hanging around the “Installed Components” screen?

  • alfchristophersen

    Maybe some are confused because name Delphi in Norway is also used for some consultants and alike,

    Like http://www.delphi-consulting.no/ (existing since 1986) and https://www.delphi.no/site/delphino.nsf/Pages/hjem.html (fundings where Excel maybe is a neccesary tool 🙂 )

  • Delphi is also the name of a very popular Hotel and Catering management software http://www.newmarketinc.com/products/delphi

    If they are supplementing the member-entered jobs with jobs from another website , based on a “delphi” text search, this could explain it.