Nick Update

Just a quick update on what I’m up to — you guys have had a few questions.

I have “parted ways” with Embarcadero and am back (for a third time!) at Gateway Ticketing Systems as a Senior Developer.

It’s all good.

  • Larry Hengen

    Wow! Can you comment on what happened? Gateway must love you more than a woman loves a man….not many would take you back for the third time 😉

  • Jeroen Pluimers

    Hope you’re doing well. It was silent for too long (also from my side: it’s been a rough year so far, but that too will be OK).

  • All the best to your new position. Delphi devs enjoy your blogs wherever you are and whomever you work for/with.

  • Carlos Tré

    All the best! And just in case you’re thinking about a new book, I’s suggest microservices with RADServer. 😉