Flotsam and Jetsam #88

  • The inestimable Malcolm Groves has a nice series going on the new Delphi Parallel Library.  Recommended reading.
  • I put a tag cloud over there on the left.  Now I just have to remember to put tags on all my posts.
  • I welcome feedback on the new blog.  As I said, my goal is to keep the blog as simple and clean as possible and the content as interesting and useful as possible.
  • I guess I should have realized that such a thing would exist, but I just found the Delphi Reddit.  Thanks to folks that post my blog entries there.
  • Another entry in the “How did I miss this?” department:  A guy named Branko Stojakovic has built a blog covering most of the Gang of Four patterns.  Maybe I did mentioned this before – I have a dim memory of it – but anyway, worth looking at and learning from either way.